My Take On Unassisted Childbirth

I think unassisted childbirth is something that’s very sacred.

Have you ever considered giving birth unassisted? Without doctors, nurses, midwives, or anyone else. Just you, your partner, and your baby.

I know that for some women that sounds like a nightmare. However, a small percentage of women are choosing to give birth without anyone else around.

Over at Natural Moms Talk Radio there is a great interview with Lynn Griesemer, mom of 6 and author of Unassisted Homebirth: An Act of Love. The interview is a podcast so check it out when you have time to listen in peace.

I know trying to catch something with kids around can be a test in multitasking skills. However, it is worth taking some time out to listen to it.

There are a lot of reasons why some women choose to go unassisted. Some have their own religious beliefs, some feel that doctors and midwives inhibit their body’s ability to work, while some just work best alone.

It is crystal clear. The list of reasons is as long as the number of women choosing this method of childbirth. One thing that they all have in common though is the intelligence and the desire to do what is best for their children.

My second son was a planned unassisted birth. Though the plans were changed at the last minute I spent plenty of time talking to other women who had went unassisted before or were planning it themselves.

We shared information, conversation, and a sense of community in knowing that we were stepping outside the lines together. These women were passionate and dedicated in understanding their bodies and the bodies of their children, in learning what they needed to know to make birth happen as safely and calmly as possible.

If you are interested in learning more I would suggest visiting the Unassisted Childbirth forum at There you can talk to mothers in all stages about their own experiences, gain knowledge, and maybe understand a little better about why someone would choose to go unassisted. You should also check out Unhindered Living, Pure Birth Australia, Born Free, and Empowered Childbirth.

If unassisted birth is something you have in mind, then it’s best to get support from other moms as early as now.

It’s ironic how something can be so controversial and at the same time, endearing. From my point of view, I think unassisted childbirth is something that’s very sacred.

The fact that I want to enjoy a precious moment with just a few special folks is something very personal to me. I can’t imagine it being something so controversial and debatable.

Unfortunately, unassisted childbirth has become a controversial and debatable topic as well.  I can’t help but feel a little odd knowing that there are some who are against all kinds of home birth.

I honestly think it’s a personal choice. No one should have to say it’s good or it’s a bad.  Of course, there is a medical aspect to seriously consider. Surely, moms, who have opted for this particular method of childbirth, have figured that out. Opting for unassisted childbirth simply means that moms have planned everything out very well.

Sad to say, there’s still some resistance to unassisted childbirth. The good thing is that some moms are actually standing up and voicing out their thoughts and opinions on home childbirth.

Some of these moms have some really great things to say about home childbirth. So how about I share what other, much more intelligent, women are saying about this.

Jill says:

“The birth movement, however, is gaining more momentum in spite of, or perhaps BECAUSE of, all the bad press surrounding it. Maybe that’s why they’re scared: this 1% of women might grow to 2%, 5%, 10%, a number that can’t be so easily swept under the rug and dismissed as just a bunch of looneys on the fringes. Uh oh! Women with a mind of their own! LOOK OUT!”

Amy says:

“Are they scared that women might question the establishment and demand better care for themselves and their babies? Are they scared that they might (gasp) lose money? Are they scared that women might take back birth?”

Her Bad Mother says:

“Some argue that it’s a classic case of the medical establishment protecting their turf.”

~L~ says:

“I don’t believe this will pass. It’s a publicity stunt in response to all the good press homebirth has been receiving. What annoys me most in this is that, akin to home schooling, where most teachers you speak to privately think home schooling is perfectly appropriate and efficacious, most doctors I have personally spoken to think homebirth is fine. The professionals in those fields have their ideas and have concerns I may not share, but they acknowledge on the whole that within certain parameters, life at home is just….life at home. It’s safe. It’s when you get the advocacy groups, the lobbyists together, that we have a problem. The associations perceive any stray sheep as an assault on their supremacy, an attack their bottom line.”

I personally think that we should have a choice. Whether we want to give birth in or out of the home, the choice should be ours to make. Well, that’s just my take on unassisted childbirth.

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