Terms Of Service

It’s pretty obvious. Just by the name, theattachedmother.com, you know pretty well that this is all about motherhood. Obviously, I am a mom, a very attached one that is.

Through this website, I want to share with you all my crazy, insane moments of my life as an attached mom.  Yes, that’s a lot to share.

It’s not easy being an attached mother. As it is, it’s not easy being a mother; let alone being an attached one. However, it suits me. I can’t imagine myself not being one.

In my opinion, all moms are pretty much attached to their kids. They just don’t realize it or they maybe some even deny it. Either way, I believe that they’re all attached to their amazing kids.

Obviously, I’m proud to be an attached mother. It is definitely not easy being one but it’s an amazing feeling at the end of the day.

You can have a peep into my crazy little world through this website. Before you do that, take in consideration these terms and conditions that govern theattachedmother.com.

What To Expect Here

By now, you have a pretty good idea as to what to expect here on my website. So at this point, it’s quite fitting to say that this website is solely about motherhood. That is the only topic that I will deal with here.

Of course, the topic of mother is a handful in itself. There’s just so much to say and to share about motherhood. That’s why I just want to stay within the topic.

Hence, I would definitely appreciate it if you do the same thing. Let’s all stay within the topic, okay? That way, we can learn more from each other.

I don’t claim to be an expert mom. Oh, please do not label as such.  In line with that thought, please consult your pediatrician first before exploring any recommendations posted here on my website.

Always keep in mind that each child is different. What works for mine, may not work for yours. Keep your children safe by consulting a doctor first.

Let’s just enjoy each other’s company here and if you don’t like what you see and read here, feel free to leave. That’s really okay with me.

Respect Each Other’s Opinion

In the event that my ideas, opinions, and thoughts are not aligned with yours, please don’t make a fuss about. Just respect what I have to say here.

Again, if you don’t like what I have to say here, leave my website.  Don’t waste your time on something that’s not of interest to you.

If you want to stay, respect everything that’s posted here. By doing so, you will avoid such unacceptable remarks such as swearing.

At the same time, you will also refrain from unacceptable behaviors such as demeaning other people onsite. This website will not tolerate such remarks and behaviors.

So be very careful. Hold that thought. If it’s not good enough to be read by the public, don’t post it.

Rules For Sharing

This is one thing I am very sure of. We, moms, love to share. Aside from the fact that we love to talk, we love to share our ideas with each.

That pretty much justifies why I have a website. As a mom who loves to share, I really wouldn’t mind if you reposted some of my articles and photos on another website.

There’s just one thing you need to do before you share my articles and photos on another website. Please let me know first. That’s all.

You can use the contact form posted on the Contact page. I would really like to be in the know.

Don’t Be A Stranger

Feel free to drop by anytime here on theattachedmother.com. Don’t be a stranger. I would love to have you as a regular visitor.

Just make sure to check this particular page at all times so that you can be updated with the Terms and Conditions of this website. Changes on how you can use this website will only be posted here. So come and visit this page from time to time. In the meantime, let’s enjoy motherhood.